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FavoriteWorkout Gear

Our preferred equipment for working out

Online Fitness Rx Gear List

Throughout the online classes and in my past experience teaching in-person classes, I am often asked about workout gear and clothing. Understandably so! There are a lot of options out there for workout apparel, Yoga props, and overall conditioning equipment.

While there are 100s of great products out there, below are Online Fitness Rx's preferred items, many of which you will see used in our workout classes.

Have a question about a particular product? Send us an email, or see our FAQ page for what size weights to purchase. 

General Yoga Items

Yoga Mats & Blankets

Different options for different budgets.

Conditioning & Pilates

Though not required for our classes, these items can be helpful specifically for the Barre, Pilates, and Strengh Classes.


My favorite go-to hydration setup.

General Exercise Items

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