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SUP Yoga - Returns to the water on June 18

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga

Intimidated by paddle board yoga? Don’t be. There’s no doubt you’ve seen the stylish pictures of SUP yogis on your Insta feed, rocking bright-colored leggings while practicing yoga on some of the most beautiful waters in the world. You have to admit, it looks like a lot of fun - but it might also look difficult to an untrained eye.


Here’s the big secret: it's not nearly as hard as it looks! SUP yoga is a skill that almost anyone can learn, and it’s a wonderful way to reconnect with your body and soul.  Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding go together very well. Doing yoga on a paddleboard enhances the yoga workout. The paddleboard makes a fine yoga mat and the extra balance required by being on the water intensifies the yoga routine. The peacefulness and tranquility of floating on the water combines nicely with the meditative nature of yoga.  This class leaves from 51 Shore Drive, in Shutesbury, Ma. While your board is anchored, we will practic yoga using the board as our mat. Don't worry if you fall, the water will catch you! Just laugh and have a good time and enjoy a savasana as the waves gently rock you. No experience necessary. Just enjoy.

  • Increase focus & concentration.

  • Increase balance & core strength.

  • Connect with nature.

  • Become more mindful: because you’re balancing on a totally different surface than you’re used to in your home or yoga studio, you’ll need to be more present when practicing yoga on a SUP. Yoga focuses your breath and is naturally uplifting, so it’s a recipe for mindfulness.

  • Train your muscles in a new way: in addition to the usual muscles worked by yoga, SUP yoga exercises even more muscles, especially your core, for a challenging, full-body workout.

  • Challenge your yoga skillset: SUP yoga is a challenging and new way to experience your tried-and-true yoga routine. You’ll especially notice that you’re strongly utilizing your core and your legs as you challenge yourself to stay balanced on the water. You’ll be experiencing new scents and sounds all around you that are a far cry from the usual sensory experience of a yoga studio on land.

  • Renew your passion for yoga: practicing yoga on the water will strengthen your love for it and provide a whole new depth to your repertoire of moves and capabilities. There are few things more invigorating than proving to yourself that you can conquer a new challenge, and letting go of fears along the way. Oh, and of course, paddle board yoga is loads of fun!

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Health Benefits of SUP Yoga

Science is one our side here: there are plenty of research-backed benefits of making SUP yoga part of your routine.

  1. The outdoors are good For you: Research has repeatedly shown that time spent in nature can improve your mood and reduce stress. In fact, even the act of regularly looking out at an ocean view can improve mental health, let alone actually spending time on the water.

  2. Yoga breathing is meditative: yoga is a meditative practice for nearly all practitioners, and meditation is a well-known stress reliever. Yogic breathing also has many health benefits, and is a great way to center yourself in times of stress.

  3. SUP yoga makes you stronger and more flexible: SUP yoga is an invigorating full-body SUP workout, engaging numerous muscles from your arms, shoulders, and core down to your legs. Yoga also improves balance and flexibility, so you’ll stand taller and move more gracefully with regular practice.

  4. Your brain loves novelty: Switching your yoga routine from land to water sends your mind for a loop - in a good way. When our routines change and we experience new things, our cognition improves and our mind becomes more adaptable.


Class Requirements * No paddleboard or yoga experience is necessary, but you should be able to get up and down from the ground with ease to attend this class. * Pre-registration is required to secure your spot. * Dress in layers, strip down as your body warms up. Wear sunglasses. * Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to check-in and settle in. * In the case of inclement weather, classes will be canceled and you will be given a free re-booking to our next available class. You will be notified in advance for weather cancellations. Updates will also be posted on our Facebook page. SUP FAQs Where do I park? There is plenty of parking at 51 Shore Drive, Shutesbury, MA. What is the cost? SUP Yoga classes are $35 for 75 minutes and includes your rental of a stand up paddleboard, paddle, leash, anchor, and lifevest. The first 15 minutes are spent reviewing the fundamentals of paddle boarding, introduction to water safety, and a warm-up paddle to the location. The remaining time is focused on exploring the beautiful waters of Lake Wyola, our yoga practice and going with the FLOW. And yes, there’s a Savasana pose at the end! $25 if you BYOB (bring your own board, paddle, leash and anchor. Will I get wet? Most likely yes! Expect to take a swim or two. It’s part of the fun! The lake water is warm, and the floating studio is anchored slightly above waist-deep with a sandy bottom. What should I wear? • Yoga clothes: water-resistant leggings, joggers, or yoga shorts paired with a moisture-wicking top. • Swimwear: on a warm day swimwear is perfect for your yoga practice. • Rashguard: throw a rash guard on top of your swimsuit for extra sun protection. Rashguards will also keep you warmer on chillier days. • Sunscreen/Sunglasses: sunscreen is vital for keeping your skin protected and healthy and your sunglasses should be tethered in case you fall in the water. What is the age limit? Participants must be at least 18 years old. Participants between the ages of 12 and 18 must have signed permission from a legal guardian and be accompanied by an adult. How many people are in a class? I am able to hold up to 7 participants. What is your cancellation policy? It is important that you notify me of a cancellation 24 hours before the class start time so that someone else can take your place. To cancel your class, please send me an email, give me a call, or send me a text. Classes are non-refundable after the 24-hour mark unless weather causes cancellation due to safety concerns. If you’d like to cancel your class within the 24-hour cut off period, a refund/rescheduling will not be possible. Will you still hold the class if it’s raining? Classes will still run if there is light rain or winds. Classes and Workshops may be canceled on the day of your lesson if the Instructor deems the conditions are not safe our students. When a class is canceled, you will be able to reschedule your class at no charge. Do you take pictures of the participants? If you would like some photographic memories, we will gladly take some action shots and video of you mastering SUP Yoga (free of charge). We always recommend you tip your instructor for the extra time and service. Do I need to know how to paddleboard? Not at all. You will surprise yourself how quickly you learn how to learn to Stand Up Paddle. Just paddling your board is an excellent workout. You’ll also find the progression of yoga and balance techniques you learn will get you very comfortable on your board. SUP Yoga sounds pretty intense. Is this a lot of core work? Yes, it is a lot of core work. And, you can do it! You’ll be so focused on the beautiful settings, completely in the moment, surrounded by supportive peers, that you will gain a strong core without meaning to. Do I need to know how to swim? Yes! You need to be able to move freely on your board. We do not wear life vests or the board’s ankle leash during the yoga practice portion of the class. The boards are anchored at about waist deep or more on the sandy floor of the lake. If you fall in, you must be able to tread water, swim back to your board and climb back on (while laughing, of course). Where can I leave my valuables while out on the water? Please leave your most valued valuables at your home or locked in your car. All other things can be left locked at house. Online Fitness Rx cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal items. Are you available for private lessons? I sure am! I offer private 1-on-1 classes as well as private group classes up to 7 people. Group sessions are ideal for bridal parties, team-building, birthdays or when you just want to have a fun-filled time with your squad. Please contact me for details at

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