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How It Works


Your exercise prescription towards better health is ready! Simply pay for a month at a time, or save 5% if you auto-enroll, and have access to all the classes for the month. Scroll down to learn more about the workouts.

How It Works

1. Choose your plan at this link.

2. Gain access to the online classes offered that month (view calendar).

3. Enjoy an array of fitness classes designed for overall health.

Typical Workout Schedule
Monday – YogaFit 
Tuesday Barre/Pilates
Wednesday Restorative Yoga
Thursday Kickboxing/Conditioning 

Sunday - Stretch Yoga 10:15-11 am EST  

Class Details

Location: Zoom
Room Opens: 12:00 pm EST
Class Time: 12:10 pm-1:00pm EST

Class Type: Live Group Sessions

Instructor Availability: Before or After Class

Interested in private 1-on-1 online sessions? Click here.

The Workouts

The entire week's classes are designed to focus on strength, flexibility, cardio, endurance,

balance and core for a complete workout each week. 

YogaFit: Fitness-based Hatha yoga practice with a focus on endurance, strength, and flexibility.


Barre: This calorie-burning class incorporates principles of ballet, Pilates and yoga into one total body workout. Benefits include better posture, core strength, increased flexibility and overall muscle tone. Uses light weights with high reps and intensive glute and leg work.  This class uses a chair (as the barre) and hand weights under 3 lbs.

Pilates:  A core-focused workout that improves your alignment, balance, strength and flexibility. The mat-based exercises strengthen the muscles around the spine and pelvis to help prevent injuries.


Restorative Yoga: Recover from stress and develop length and flexibility in this smooth, gentler flow that unites breath and movement. This practice focuses on alignment which helps improve posture and mobility and will leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Kickboxing/Conditioning: Using basic boxing fundamentals and techniques while improving your conditioning through high-intensity interval training, plyometrics and bodyweight exercises.


Conditioning: Full-body strength workout designed to enhance muscle definition and stamina, as well as strengthening the core. This class uses elastic resistance bands, weights, kettlebells and your own body weight. 

For a more detailed list of workouts for an entire month's schedule, check out the calendar page.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page below, or send us an email.



Tiffany T

She teaches a wide array of challenging classes based on individual fitness level so you always feel like you are working out to your full potential. You will love her energy and enthusiasm!


Sydney S

She cares about her clients and their goals, challenging and encouraging them in every workout. Her passion for fitness and helping others shines in every workout.


James N

Jessica is a wonderful trainer. She is herself well-trained as well as caring and compassionate. She reaches out to students where they are and tailors programs appropriate to them. Can’t recommend her enough.


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